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2022 Payments

  • • Regular Pay: $121,045.40
  • • Overtime Pay: $2,929.68
  • • Other Pay: $9,870.40
  • • Health Benefits: $20,489.01
  • • Retirement Benefits: $56,709.77

All the information on this page was made public by the City of Los Angeles in accordance with the California Public Records Act.

From January 13, 2023, to April 6, 2023, you could download an LAPD personnel roster listing the Serial Number, Ethnicity, Gender, Division, Rank, and Year of Hire data from the website where city agencies publish public records. That file now appears to be deleted, but years of similar data can be found by searching for terms like "roster" or "personnel" on that same website.

Serial Number is a unique LAPD identifier for every officer. This is different from an officer's badge number. We’ve filed a public records request with LAPD asking for badge numbers. We plan to add those here when we get them. Email Address is pieced together from the standard LAPD email format of [Serial Number]

2022 Payments are the City Controller’s data of payments made to individual LAPD employees in Calendar Year 2022 (January to December). Our understanding is that these aren’t always an officer’s full wages due to factors such as hire date, retirement date, or deductions of tax-free income for benefits spending.